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Lost Oak Winery has deep roots in Texas wine. We have committed decades to growing the industry and producing the highest quality, hand-crafted Texas wine and experiences, keeping it simple and approachable.

Lost Oak’s origin began in the 1950s when founder Gene Estes made wine in a bathtub in his native Abilene, Texas. You see, Abilene was a dry county that had no liquor stores so he had to seek creative diversion. It became a passion. After living and working in Alsace, France, crafting the art of winemaking, he founded Lost Oak Winery. Fortunately, his immersion in the wine industry connected the winery with Jim Evans, a remarkable Texas native winemaker, one of the best in the art, who now boasts over 40 vintages making Texas wine.

In 2007, Gene and his step-daughter Roxanne, joined forces to grow the family business. Now, the next generation is at the helm. Roxanne’s drive and passion has taken her from behind the bar at the tasting room to the President of the company. Leading the team to be one of the most established, solid and influential wineries in Texas. Woman-owned and woman-operated, Lost Oak continues the mission, to create high-quality, hand-crafted Texas wine and experiences with fun and simplicity.

In collaboration with major universities, Lost Oak viticulture team worked in experimentation and development of varieties that adapt best to Texas terroir and climate like Blanc du Bois, Shiraz, Viognier and Tempranillo.

You think Texas is big? We are one of the Tallest! In 2017, Lost Oak Winery was awarded as for its leadership role in the dedication to, support of and promotion of the Texas wine industry. Next to leadership is great wine. This is just one of the many awards given by the most esteemed international wine competitions in America, San Francisco International, San Francisco Chronicle, Lone Star, and many more. Double-gold Viognier. Double-gold Cabernet Franc. Double Gold Orange Muscat. Double Gold Petit Verdot. And the list goes on.

Our Family

Meet the people who make up the core heart of Lost Oak Winery.

Awards & Press

We could not be more pleased with performance of our Texas Wines!


The ins and outs of the every day, mixed with a touch of humor that may be a side-effect of the wine!

Our Mission, Philosophy & Values

Our Mission

simple and approachable

Lost Oak Winery is a small team of skilled and passionate people dedicated to creating high quality, hand-crafted Texas wine and experiences presented in a friendly way.

Our Philosophy

good wine starts in the vineyard

Evans’ motto “it’s possible to make bad wine with good grapes, but it’s impossible to make good wine with bad grapes” drives the Lost Oak pursuit for the finest grapes and growers in Texas. We work daily with the best farmers in the state to guarantee the quality of the grapes because good wine starts in the vineyard.

Our Values

Reputable. We are proudly rooted in the legacy created by our Founder Gene Estes.

Friendly. We value an approachable, memorable and fun guest experience.

Passionate. We are driven by our love for wine and wholeheartedly support the Texas wine industry.

Growth. We embrace a culture of continuous advancement, improving with each vintage..

Have fun. After all, it's just wine!