Girl Scout Cookies + Wine = I Am Fine!

It’s that magical time of year – Girl Scout Cookie season!

We love Girl Scout cookies, and you know we love wine… so we had to find the perfect pairings this year.

A task not for the faint of heart, we placed our order, had an adorable scout deliver them complete with thank you note.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work!

Do not attempt this unsupervised.
You WILL eat an entire box of cookies and you WILL drink an entire bottle of wine if this is done solo. Be sure you have people to share with to save you from yourself.

Also, let’s be clear:
The cookies do not need the wine to make them delicious
The wine does not need to cookies to be delicious
But they want each other, and together they are decadent.

OK, enough with the disclaimers. The research has been done. It was a tough job… but somebody had to do it.

Lemonades and Roussanne Reserve
The zingy citrus of the full-bodied barrel-aged Roussanne balances the tangy sweetness of this lemon-iced cookie. Just like the Roussanne has won multiple gold medals, we give this combo a gold!

Toast-Yay and Viognier
More like Toast-YAY and Vio-YAY – this combo is a huge YAY for us!
Cinnamon French toast flavors of this vanilla-iced cookie bring out the vanilla and a whole bakery of baking spices in the wine that were hidden! Also a multi-gold winning wine, this one is a gold that we cannot get enough of!

Tagalongs / Peanut Butter Patties with Merlot
This crunchy cookie coated in creamy peanut butter and smooth chocolate make the Merlot explode with cherries! The sweetness of the peanut butter temper the tannins in the Merlot, white the decadent chocolate brings the cherries in the wine. Cherry bomb time!

Caramel deLites / Samoas with Red Blend
A complex cookie for a complex wine! The layers of flavors and textures – crisp cookie, caramel, coconut, and chocolate mingle with the blend of red fruit in perfect harmony. The sweetness of the cookie melds beautifully with the dry wine… making this combo “just right.”

Do-si-dos / Peanut Butter Sandwich with Dolce Rouge
A sweet and friendly cookie with a sweet and friendly wine, what’s not to love? The flavors mingle effortlessly.

We tried this iconic shortbread cookies inspired by the original Girl Scout cookie recipe with all of our wines and could not find a definite winner. This light and not overly sweet cookie both compliments and enhances the flavors of all (yes all) the wines. So stock up and find your own favorite!

We hope you enjoyed our journey of Girl Scout cookie and wine pairing as much as we did, and can’t wait to hear your own adventures in cookie pairing!

Shout out to the thorough research team:
Mariam – Marketing Manager
Heater – Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Angela “Sharkey” – Winemaker & WSET III Wine Education Specialist
Jacqueline – Assistant Winemaker
Matt – Cellar Assistant
*If you need any of them, they will be sleeping off the sugar

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