Solar Eclipse 2017

We were lucky enough to experience the partial solar eclipse of 2017 here in Burleson Texas!

Armed with a pinhole projector made by Mariam and Angela, and of course some great Lost Oak Texas Wine we were ready!

Roxanne, Angela & Mariam – eclipse ready!

So cool!

The pinhole projector worked!

Eclipse on paper!

Tyrell showed up with a welder’s hood!!! And he was kind enough to share!

Roxanne Sun-viewing

We all took turns

Put it on like this… now can I have it back?

We later found out that we were not the only ones to watch the eclipse like this. Apparently we ARE the Texas stereotype! We saw this meme after we watched the eclipse through a welders hood….

Because, Texas

Much to our delight we saw that tree leaves also make pinhole projectors. The front of the Lost Oak Event center was like a magical disco-ball reflection of crescents.

Sooooo Cooool!!!

Solar eclipse, cheers to you!

And if you missed the eclipse, you can watch our rendition of it right here!

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