What to Serve with the Bird

Are you just as lost as some of us are about Thanksgiving?

Family invited themselves over?

Decided to host and now the party is too big?

We’ve got you covered with What to Serve with the Bird for fun and harmonious Thanksgiving festivities!

Let’s get started.

Guests arrive…

Wait, no, you are cooking…. With wine… you might even add some to the food. Apply your favorite wine liberally to your glass and repeat as necessary.

Guests arrive – greet them at the door with a glass of Red Holiday.

A fruit-forward easy-going red, this wine is friendly and approachable, just like you! They are sure to enjoy their glass of Holiday while they graze on charcuterie, relish tray and chips & dips and even Aunt Carol’s cheese ball.

Time for the main event (lunch/dinner/supper/etc).

The Roussanne Reserve pairs perfectly with your turkey, stuffing, and all of the unknown casseroles that everyone brought to grace your table.

It can even stand up to a turdunken if one should appear!

The Roussanne is oak-aged to give it a robust profile but with delightful fruitiness, while still being a dry white. The Reserve stamp means special care and attention was given to it in every step of the production process.

Merlot is perfect for the ham and even the turkey.

With a little spice and oak, it’s drier than the Holiday and is bursting with flavor! Try it with all of those aforementioned casseroles and get ready for a flavor explosion. Pro tip – save some of this wine for your leftovers, it’s going to be amazing with that turkey sandwich the next day!

On to dessert!

Take a pause, breathe, loosen the belt, and get ready for pies as far as the eye can see, and that jello-thing Aunt Carol made!

White Holiday is your go-to. Sweeter than the previous wines, yet not too sweet, it’s the perfect compliment to the sea of goodies.

Chocolate pie? Revisit the Red Holiday.

No room for dessert? Or want to keep the party going after the meal?

Warm up the white holiday with cinnamon sticks and apple slices for a delightful tasty treat to sip on while reclined on the couch.

Written by winemaker Sharkey Angela Chapman WSET III

Edited, photos and witty banter by co-wino Mariam Copeland

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